City Tour in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa (the name means ‘new flower’) is of fairly recent origin – Menelik 11 founded the city in 1887. Situated in the foothills of the Entoto Mountains and standing 2,400 metres above sea level it is the third highest capital in the world. The city has a population of about two million.
Before moving to the present site of Addis Ababa, Menelik had established temporary capitals at six different locations caused by exhausting the fuel wood at each of these sites. Addis itself was in danger of being abandoned until the introduction of fast-growing eucalyptus trees from Australia provided the city with a regular source of fuel.
Addis Ababa is an important administrative centre not only for Ethiopia but also for the whole of Africa. The headquarters of the UN Economic Commission for Africa was established here in 1958 and it is the site of the OAU’s secretariat.

Africa Hall:
Africa Hall is on Menelik 11 Ave – an imposing symbol of African independence and optimism. It houses the headquarters of the UN Economic Commission for Africa. The huge stained glass windows depict the suffering of the people of Africa.
The Filwoha springs are just to the west of the Africa Hall. These springs, which have obviously lost some of their former beauty, prompted Queen Taytu to persuade her husband to establish his new capital at Addis Ababa. The thermal waters are now diverted to an adjacent bathing complex.
Also next to the Africa Hall lies the huge Square a natural amphitheater where parades are held every September to mark the 1974 revolution. Portraits of Marx, Angels, Lenin and Comrade Mengistur used to adorn the square.

St George’s Cathedral:
St George’s Cathedral (Giorgis Cathedral). lies at the north end of Churchill Rd. Built in 1896 in the traditional octagonal shape to commemorate Ethiopia’s victory over the Italians at the Battle of Adwa, the Cathedral houses the work of Afewerk Tekle, the renowned Ethiopian artist responsible for the stained glass windows of the Africa Hall. Cathedral opens 0800-0900 and 1200-1400. There is a small museum in the compound.

The Menelik Mausoleum:
The Menelik Mausoleum, built in 1941 to serve as the tombs of emperors and princes, and the Trinity Cathedral, are located nearby St. George’s. The Trinity Cathedral was built to commemorateEthiopia’s liberation from five years of Italian occupation.

Haile Selassie’s Grand palace:
Haile Selassie’s Grand palace is located north east of Churchill Ave at the end of Colsen St. The Emperor has a second residence, Jubilee Palace, on Menelik Ave, just north of the Ghion Hotel.

National Museum:
The small National Museum is located at Han St / Kilo crossroads, just north of St Mary’s Church. Guides are the only real source of information, since the exhibits are poorly labelled, but they vary in standard. The exhibits are varied, and include Lucy; the female fossil skeleton found in northeast Ethiopia in 1974, believed to be about three and a half million years old. The museum has an extensive collection of artifacts, some predating the Axumite civilization of Tigre. It also includes a selection of the more than 200 designs of crosses found in Ethiopia. It is open from 0830-1230 and 1330-1730.

Near the museum are the Lion Cages, probably the only place in Ethiopia to see the Abyssinian lion. The cages are probably best not visited by animal lovers.
Menelik IISquare: In Menelik II Square stands the imposing equestrian statue of Emperor Menelik II, the victor of Adawa. The statue was erected by Emperor Haile Selassie and dedicated on the day before his coronation in 1930, in memory of his great predecessor. The square is located outside the main gates of St. George Cathedral (Genete Tsige Menagesha Kidus Giorgis), and is close to City Hall. The distance markers on all the highways in Ethiopia mark the distance to their location from the base of the statue of Emperor Menelik II in this Square. Every year, on the anniversary of the victory of the Battle of Adawa, the Emperor would lay a wreath at this statue after attending mass at St. George Cathedral (the victory had occurred on St. George’s Day). Col. Mengistu continued laying a wreath here on the anniversary, but did not attend the church services as his regime was Marxist.
Yekatit 12 Martyrs Square (Sidist Kilo

The Yekatit 12 Square (Sidist Kilo) monument stands in tribute to the thousands of innocent martyrs butchered by the Fascist Italian Occupiers on that date in in the Ethiopian Calender year of 1929 (1936 Gregorian Calendar). The massacre took place at the order of the Italian Vice-Roy Marshal Grazziani in response to an assassination attempt against him carried out by two pro-Ethiopia Eritreans. The monument is shown here during a religious procession of priests of the Orthodox Church, probably at Timkat (Epiphany). Wreaths were laid here by the Emperor to commemorate the massacre every year. Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam continued this practice during his rule, but for a time after the fall of the Dergue regime, only the Mayor of Addis carried out this practice. Recently, the President of the Federal Republic has taken over this task. The monument is in the form of a white obelisk with black bas reliefs of scenes of the massacre as well as scenes of the Imperial funeral accorded to the remains of the victims in the presence of the Emperor following the liberation around it. A Lion of Judah also decorates the face of the obelisk. Even though the image of the Lion of Judah and the Emperor Haile Selassie were removed from all over the city during the reign of the Dergue, they suprisingly did not touch this monument. The monument stands in the Sidist Kilo square infront of the Yekatit 12 Hospital (formerly Emperor Haile Selassie Hospital and known before that as the Beite Saida Hospital). Also facing the square are the southern gates of the Guenete Leul Palace, which today is the main campus of the Addis Ababa University (formerly Haile Selassie I University). Another major attraction adjoining the square is the old Imperial Lion Zoo, where many of the old Imperial lions and their decendents live. The Churches of Menbere Leul Kidus Markos (Altar of Princes St. Marks Church) and the Meskia Hazunan Medhane Alem are both nearby, as are the former palaces of the Crown Prince (later the Political Cadre’s College during the Dergue Era), the Duke of Harrar (later the Headquarters of the Womens wing of the Workers Party of Ethiopia), and Princess Tenagnework (later the headquarters of the Ethiopian Navy), as well as the American and Greek Embassies.
Meyazia 27 Square (Arat Kilo): is the official name of what is popularly known as Arat Kilo, a name that applies both to the square and the surrounding district of the city of Addis Ababa. The monument at the heart of the Square commemorates the victory over the fascist Italian invaders, and the struggle that preceded it (Meyazia 27 on the Ethiopian Calendar, May 5th on the Gregorian Calendar, is both the day that Addis Ababa was occupied by the Fascists, as well as the day that Emperor Haile Selassie returned to his capital in triumph exactly 5 years later). The original monument includes a relief of the Emperor Haile Selassie holding the national flag, which was altered during the reign of the Dergue regime into a representation of a guerrilla fighter holding the national flag. The EPRDF regime that deposed the Dergue restored the Emperor’s face to the monument. The central obelisk, topped by a Lion of Judah, actually predates the fascist occupation, and the surrounding circle of relief figures and monumental panels was added after the war. The Arat Kilo monument stands at the heart of Addis Ababa’s government district, and in front of the Ministry of Education building (not shown here). Holy Trinity Cathedral (whose dome can be seen in the background) and the Parliament building are nearby, as are the present office of the Prime Minister and the Imperial Palace. Also nearby are the Science College, the Holy Trinity Theological college, Emperor Menelik II High School and the Berhan Ena Selam Printing Press. Foreign Heads of State customarily lay a wreath at this monument during state visits. This square was the focus of Victory Day celebrations held on May 5th (Meyazia 27) every year when the Emperor would lay a wreath here following his attendance at Mass at Meskia Hazunan Medhane Alem Church (Church of the Savior of the World, Consoler of the Grieved). The Dergue regime changed the date of Victory Day to the day that General Cunningham and his British, South African and Nigerian Troops actually entered the city. The post Dergue government in Ethiopia has restored Victory Day to it’s original date.
The Lion of Judah Monument: The Lion of Judah Monument stands in the square in front of Addis Ababa’s train station. The golden colored statue of the Lion of Judah in it’s complete glory stands on a black granite pedestal which is decorated with relief portraits of Emperors Menelik II and Haile Selassie I, and Empress Zewditu, as well as Ras Makonnen. It marks the foot of the city’s widest and avenue, Churchill Road which has the impressive Addis Ababa City Hall at it’s other end. The Lion of Judah statue has a very interesting history. Erected in 1930 just before Emperor Haile Selassie’s coronation, it was looted by the Italian occupiers in 1935 and taken to Rome, where it was erected next to the Vittorio Emanuelle Monument. During the 4th anniversary celebrations of the proclomation of the Itlian Empire, Adolf Hitler chose to visit Rome, and attended the celebratory parades along side the Fascist Dictator Musollini and King Victor Emanuelle III. In the parade were numerous subjects of Italy’s African Empire, including a young Eritrean named Zerai Deres. Zerai Deres was marching with other parade members carrying a ceremonial sword with which to salute the King, the Fuhrer, and el Duce, at the grandstand. As the parade marched past the Vittorio Emauelle monument, Zerai looked up and saw to his shock, the golden Lion of Judah, the symbol of the ancient monarchy to which his ancestors had long owed aliegence, erected as war booty in the heart of Rome. It was too much for him to bear, and he promptly drew his sword and with tears of anger running down his face he fell on the first Italian officer he could find. He killed and wounded numerous Italian military officers before he was killed. Zerai Deres is lionized to this day as a brave Ethiopian patriot. The monument remained in Rome for several decades, and was finally returned to Addis Ababa after long negotiations in the 1960’s. When it was re-erected in it’s square the day it arrived, the Emperor was present in military uniform to salute, and to pay tribute to Zerai Deres. Following the revolution in 1974, the Dergue regime decided to remove the statue once more as it was a monarchist symbol. However, the elderly war veterans association members appealed to the Dergue to consider the memory of Zerai Deres and his sacrifice that was inspired by this very symbol. This act saved the statue and it stood it all it’s Imperial glory right through the Dergue era, and continues to stand today.

Abune Petros Memorial: Just West of Addis Ababa’s impressive City Hall, down the hill on the main road to the Merkato district is Abune Petros Square with it’s imposing statue. Abune Petros, the Ethiopian Orthodox Bishop of Wello who was executed by the Italians at the edge of this very square. Abune Petros was one of the four first native Ethiopians who were anointed as bishops by the Coptic Patriarch of Alexandria to serve under the Coptic born Archbishop Abune Kerllos of Ethiopia in 1932. Abune Petros was given the province of Wello as his diocese. In 1936, the Fascist armies of Benito Mussolini occupied much of Ethiopia, and Abune Petros traveled to the northern Shewan district of Menz to join the sons of Ras Kassa, Dejazmatches Wondwossen, Abera and Asfa Wossen Kassa and other resistance leaders to plan an attack on the Italians to drive them out of Addis Ababa. The attack failed in 1937, and the Bishop was captured. Defiantly refusing to submit to Italian rule, he was condemned to death. Shortly before his execution Abune Petros Bishop of Wello, dressed in his clerical robes, held up his hand cross and pronounced his anathema on the people and on the very earth of Ethiopia itself, if they were ever to submit to the invader. He was then shot to death in front of a horrified audience. Emperor Haile Selassie had the statue erected in the memory of this great Bishop upon his restoration to the throne. The spot of his execution on the western edge of this square is also marked by a memorial slab. Sadly, during the brutal rule of the Dergue regime, the bodies of many victims of the “Red Terror” were displayed in this square.
The Mercato is located in western Addis Ababa and is one of the largest markets in Africa offering an array of colors, aromas, costumes, produce and jewellery. Beware of pickpockets. In Mercato virtually every possible commodity is on sale, from livestock to computers.

Entity is the mountain range that rises to the north of Addis and is easily accessible from the city. This is where Menelik started his first capital, and the Church of Entonto Mariam where he was crowned can still be visited At the top of the hill is the Church of Entonto Raguel which offers stunning views.

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I am proud to introduce you with Ethiopia as a destination where only few have been before. Ethiopia is a country bestowed with all tourist attractions be it historical, cultural and natural. Ethiopia is unique with no resemblance to your past experience anywhere in the globe. I tried my best to make this Blog informative about Ethiopia as a tourist destination and help travelers to choose Ethiopia as a destination and what to look forward in Ethiopia before set off their foot.

main city
Image by Miradortigre
Lutheran Cathedral Helsinki

The church was originally built from 1830-1852 as a tribute to the Grand Duke of Finland, Tsar Nicholas I of Russia. It was also known as St Nicholas’ Church until the independence of Finland in 1917.

A distinctive landmark in the Helsinki cityscape, with its tall, green dome surrounded by four smaller domes, the building is in the neoclassical style. It was designed by Carl Ludvig Engel as the climax of his Senate Square layout: it is surrounded by other, smaller buildings designed by him.

The church’s plan is a Greek cross (a square centre and four equilateral arms), symmetrical in each of the four cardinal directions, with each arm’s façade featuring a colonnade and pediment. Engel originally intended to place a further row of columns on the western end to mark the main entrance opposite the eastern altar, but this was never built.

Catedral Luterana de Helsinki en un dia de evento festivo

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Preparing Yourself For an Ocean City Adventure

Ocean City is world famous due to its crystal clear waters and luxurious hotels. It is the best vacation site during the summer.

Ocean City is also called OC for short. It is a town filled with resorts and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in Worchester County, Maryland. This town is very popular in the United State’s mid-Atlantic region. It is also a favorite destination for tourists, travelers and vacationers. The town has 7,173 inhabitants as of the 2000 census.

The city is a fun-filled beach destination along the coast of the Maryland. It is a famous destination among families particularly in the East Coast. It is often referred to as a “kid-friendly city” owing to the fact that it has a vast number of water parks, amusement parks and beaches as well as boardwalks along with numerous hotels and restaurants.

Majority of the luxury accommodations of this town come in forms of coastal resorts and skyscrapers. Furthermore, you can find exclusive hotels and condominiums within the area.

Finding Luxury Hotels in Ocean City

Follow some tips below and you are sure to have a wonderful time in Ocean City. You will need a map, valid credit card and a computer with an Internet access to get started.

Choosing the Right Hotel for You
You can book luxurious accommodations in this city or town by calling its local Visitors and Convention Bureau as well as the Department of Tourism. You can contact them at 800-626-2326. You can also book your accommodations through the hotel website.

You may want to consider condominium lodging along the beachfront for a very relaxing view of the seas. Do anything you want to do such as surfing, relaxing on the beach and kiting. This location is near the ocean side restaurants and shops. Most luxury resorts provide onsite nightclubs, spas, golf packages and Wi-Fi access.

Condominium rentals are not cheap but they provide the best accommodations and views worth every penny. They cost approximately 300 to 700 dollars a week. You will get to enjoy using its onsite facilities as well as having a private balcony.

Seek for luxurious accommodations set within the southern portion of Ocean City. This way, you are just a few yards away from the popular boardwalk. Shops, restaurants, entertainment and waterslides are just a few minutes away. You can also take the kids to the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum” located along the boardwalk.

Preparing for your Stay in an Ocean City Hotel
The first thing that you have to remember is to take the road. The main routes that lead to the city are Highway 1 and Interstate 50. The Interstate 50 route provides a more scenic view than Highway 1. You will see kite flyers, sandy beaches and the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk. In addition, you will greatly enjoy seeing and admiring the beautiful ocean water.

On the other hand, you can ride a bike for a tour. It is considered as one of the best transportation mode in the area. If you are on a tight budget, just bring your own bicycle, as rentals can be costly. Some rental shops require big deposit payments.

Visit the main attractions. Ask the concierge for suggestions and recommendations is you do not know where to start. Prioritize the main landmarks that make the city famous. Other worthwhile visits are those that largely make up the Ocean City’s history.

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Quebec-7572 – Wow, what a canopy!
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Image by archer10 (Dennis) 80M Views
The Notre-Dame de Quebec parish is the oldest parish in North America. Even though the Notre-Dame de Quebec basilica-cathedral has been twice destroyed by fire over the centuries, it has always been reconstructed on the site of the original church, which was built in 1647. The décor of the present-day cathedrale is simply astonishing. The sanctuary will amaze you with its gold-plated baldaquin, main altar and episcopal canopy. There are also magnificent stained-glass windows, paintings and the Sanctuary lamp that was a gift from Louis XIV. Being the seat of the bishop within the Quebec Diocese, there are former bishops of the diocese, as well as four governors of Quebec intombed in the crypt. There is also a chapel consecrated to François de Laval, the first bishop of Quebec. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

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Smart City Infrastructure Industry 2015 : Acute Market Reports

Product Synopsis

2015 Global Smart City Infrastructure Industry Report is a professional and in-depth research report on the world’s major regional market conditions of the Smart City Infrastructure industry, focusing on the main regions (North America, Europe and Asia) and the main countries (United States, Germany, Japan and China).

The report firstly introduced the Smart City Infrastructure basics: definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain overview; industry policies and plans; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures and so on. Then it analyzed the world’s main region market conditions, including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand and industry growth rate etc. In the end, the report introduced new project SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, and investment return analysis.

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The report includes six parts, dealing with:

1.) Basic information

2.) The Asia Smart City Infrastructure industry

3.) The North American Smart City Infrastructure industry

4.) The European Smart City Infrastructure industry

5.) Market entry and investment feasibility

6.) The report conclusion

Part I Smart City Infrastructure Industry Overview

Chapter One Smart City Infrastructure Industry Overview

1.1 Smart City Infrastructure Definition

1.2 Smart City Infrastructure Classification Analysis

1.2.1 Smart City Infrastructure Main Classification Analysis

1.2.2 Smart City Infrastructure Main Classification Share Analysis

1.3 Smart City Infrastructure Application Analysis

1.3.1 Smart City Infrastructure Main Application Analysis

1.3.2 Smart City Infrastructure Main Application Share Analysis

1.4 Smart City Infrastructure Industry Chain Structure Analysis

1.5 Smart City Infrastructure Industry Development Overview

1.5.1 Smart City Infrastructure Product History Development Overview

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Chapter Two Smart City Infrastructure Up and Down Stream Industry Analysis

2.1 Upstream Raw Materials Analysis

2.1.1 Upstream Raw Materials Price Analysis

2.1.2 Upstream Raw Materials Market Analysis

2.1.3 Upstream Raw Materials Market Trend

2.2 Down Stream Market Analysis

2.1.1 Down Stream Market Analysis

2.2.2 Down Stream Demand Analysis

2.2.3 Down Stream Market Trend Analysis

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A Cretan Odyssey – A DeLIGHTful Way to Enjoy a Holiday!
main city
Image by antonychammond
Plakias is a popular tourist resort, located 36km south of Rethymno city, at the exit of a fertile valley surrounded by high mountains and dense olive groves. Next to it empties the river Kotsifos.

One of the major growth drivers of the region is the long beachfront, known as Gialia. The main beach starts near the town and extends to the east for 1.3km, up to Cape Mouri. It is a well organized beach, with cool green waters. Along the beach there is a road, ideal for walking or cycling. Along this road there are several restaurants and hotels, while on the beach there are tamarisk trees, umbrellas, water sports, beach volley courts, snack bars, changing rooms, showers, etc.

The eastern part of the long beach is called Paligremnos. The beach is sandy and very well organized, next to hotels and restaurants. Characteristic of Paligremnos are nearby huge vertical cliffs that rise to a great height. There are caves, dug by Wehrmacht during the German Occupation. Moreover, this place is called Gonates (i.e. knees), because according to tradition, the epic hero Digenis kneeled there to drink water from a local spring. Lastly, in Paligremnos a strange phenomenon takes place on every full moon, from September to January. The moonlight is reflected in the mirror-like towering cliffs. Thus, many big squids approach the beach and locals gather them with big sticks.

The main beach of Plakias is located between Paligremnos and Plakias village. It is similarly well-organized. In its western part, near the village, the river Kotsifos empties. Therefore, the sea water temperature is low.

West of the village, between the village and the new harbour of Plakias, lies the second beach of Skinos. Skinos has many rocks and sand. Next to the village, the beach is slightly organized with umbrellas, while as you head to the west it gets rockier. Skinos is ideal for fishing and snorkeling. The road that heads to the nearby beach of Souda comes along this beach.

For further information please visit www.cretanbeaches.com/Beaches/Rethymnon/plakias-beaches/#…

Crete (Greek: Κρήτη, Kríti [‘kriti]; Ancient Greek: Κρήτη, Krḗtē) is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the thirteen administrative regions of Greece.

The capital and the largest city of Crete is Heraklion. It forms a significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece while retaining its own local cultural traits (such as its own poetry, and music). Crete was once the center of the Minoan civilization (c. 2700–1420 BC), which is currently regarded as the earliest recorded civilization in Europe.

The island is first referred to as Kaptara in texts from the Syrian city of Mari dating from the 18th century BC, repeated later in Neo-Assyrian records and the Bible (Caphtor). It was also known in ancient Egyptian as Keftiu, strongly suggesting some form similar to both was the Minoan name for the island.

The current name of Crete is thought to be first attested in Mycenaean Greek texts written in Linear B, through the words ke-re-te (*Krētes; later Greek: Κρῆτες, plural of Κρής),[4] and ke-re-si-jo (*Krēsijos; later Greek: Κρήσιος), "Cretan". In Ancient Greek, the name Crete (Κρήτη) first appears in Homer’s Odyssey.[8] Its etymology is unknown. One speculative proposal derives it from a hypothetical Luvian word *kursatta (cf. kursawar "island", kursattar "cutting, sliver").[9] In Latin, it became Creta.

The original Arabic name of Crete was Iqrīṭiš (Arabic: اقريطش‎ < (της) Κρήτης), but after the Emirate of Crete’s establishment of its new capital at ربض الخندقRabḍ al-Ḫandaq (modern Iraklion), both the city and the island became known as Χάνδαξ (Khandhax) or Χάνδακας (Khandhakas), which gave Latin and Venetian Candia, from which French Candie and English Candy or Candia. Under Ottoman rule, in Ottoman Turkish, Crete was called Girit (كريت).

For more information please visit en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crete


Barelonas’ Main City Attractions

Barcelona is a city, located directly on the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain, has a rich history dating back at least 2,000 years. Now a trendy holiday spot it has everything to offer from fine cuisine, great shops and a lively culture. Now redeveloped (a project which started in 1992) the city has a good man-made beach, lots of palm tree lined boulevards and a chic port area.

*Visit Picasso’s Museum even if you only have a slight interest in art. It’s definitely one of the best art galleries in the city.

*Park Guell is a charming garden complex with architecture on display is perfect for a relaxed afternoon stroll.

* The famous La Sagrada Familia the massive catholic church still under construction from 1882! It’s still impressive although not finished.

*The fabulous Batllo House designed by Antoni Gaudi is an extraordinary sight, it seems like the designer wanted to avoid straight lines at all costs!

*It if worth a trip to the Camp Nou, Barcelona’s world famous stadium. There is an excellent tour which appeals to football fans and non football fans alike.

*If you have little ones try the Tibidabo Amusement Park, the IMAX cinema and the fabulous Magic Fountain of Montjuic.

* The world famous Las Ramblas is a must see. It’s a lively street which has an abundance of street performers and a great happy atmosphere.

*The Olympic port is the place to visit for a great selection of good bars, places to eat and even a casino. The beach is also located here.

Tips for getting around – The city is actually quite spread out but you can make good use of the public transport system which is both reasonably priced and reliable. Enjoy the city and stay as long as you like!

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DGJ_1178 – Ngo Mon Gate
main city
Image by archer10 (Dennis) 80M Views
PLEASE, no multi invitations (none is better) in your comments. Thanks.

This is the gate used to enter the main part of the Hue Imperial Citadel. Hue, Vietnam

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Researching Park City & Deer Valley Dining Establishments For Your Canyons Ski Vacation? – We Have The List!

One of the favorite parts of a Park City, UT trip for most families includes eating at Park City restaurants after a relaxing day on the mountain. Park City’s restaurant scene features many dining choices with a wide selection of cuisine types. Think about some of these local restaurants during your vacation.

If you or your friends are in the mood for Mexican food, there are several great restaurants to choose from. Baja Cantina, situated by the Legacy Lodge at PCMR, has great food and delicious margaritas for the adults in the group. Another delicious pick is Nacho Mama’s, which serves up delicious fajitas, tacos, and soups. If your group is interested in something slightly less crowded, try Loco Lizard, located behind the Chevron by the I-80 exit.

In the mood for Asian cuisine? You can find lots of Japanese, Chinese, and Asian-fusion dining options in Park City. Shabu is an fine dining Asian restaurant situated at the top of historic Main Street; after trying the Kobe Beef tenderloin, you may not go to any other restaurant throughout your vacation. Some other great places include Wahso, a couple doors up from Shabu, and The Last Samurai, a family friendly and entertaining restaurant choice located at Kimball Junction.

Some of Park City’s top Italian restaurants include Grappa, Ghidotti’s, and Cisero’s. Cisero’s is a great choice for families or vacationers on a budget; and make sure to venture downstairs to the bar/dance club to work off that dinner. Grappa is a multi-award winning Italian restaurant located at the top of Main Street in a picturesque old house, and should not be missed. Ghidotti’s, located at Kimball Junction, is Park City’s most recently opened Italian restaurant, and boasts a unique atmosphere and menu.

Sometimes the best meal after a big, active day is a pizza, and Park City has lots of great pizza joints to pick from. Order a pie from Red Banjo or Main Street Pizza & Noodle, all located on Main Street, and get ready for a delicious, authentic pizza experience. If you would rather dine out than order in, try Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery, which cooks up huge east-coast style pizza that makes you feel right at home. Should you suffer from a case of extreme fatigue, all three places will happily deliver to your rental condo.

A light and healthy dinner of sushi is a great way to complete an eventful day in Park City. Choose from the Flying Sumo or Yuki Arashi, both on Main Street in downtown Park City. Both restaurants offer high-quality sashimi, sushi and tapas for palates of all varieties. Just off the beaten path, Blind Dog sushi bar is no less renowned; in fact, the sashimi and sushi are nationally recognized as some of the best you can find in the country.

These are only a couple of the highlights of the extensive list of great restaurant experiences in Park City, UT. Find a favorite or try them all; you will not leave hungry!

Alyson Monetti suggests the following website for collecting info on Deer Valley restaurants.

Copan HN – Stela M and the Hieroglyphic Stairway 03
main city
Image by Daniel Mennerich
The Main Group represents the core of the ancient city and covers an area of 600 by 300 meters. The main features are the Acropolis, which is a raised royal complex on the south side, and a group of smaller structures and linked plazas to the north, including the Hieroglyphic Stairway and the ballcourt. The Monument Plaza contains the greatest concentration of sculpted monuments at the site.

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Wave City Made Investment Successful For Peoples

Wave City has brought the boom within the field of the real estate sector particularly within the NH-24 Ghaziabad region. Wave Developers has been set at the most effective place in NCR region, in the main city of Ghaziabad within the Uttar Pradesh State, the densely inhabited states within the country. Wave City has been launched by the Wave Developers throughout the Country. They continually tried to administer the most effective amenities with all the recent services concerning the residential services. Wave Developers have placed this residential property in Ghaziabad that is at half-hour from the city Ghaziabad and Noida. This residential project is made keeping in mind the outlook of the youth and skill creativity and their requirements during this era of globalisation.

Wave developers have not bend down from reasonably challenge during this era of globalisation, wherever all different and various developers try their best to deliver the most effective property within the field of the residential property with all the good heights and facilities. Wave Developers has never thought being down in any space of specialization. The property is being created by keeping many things in mind like trendy services, all kinds of transport mode, marketplace for searching; youngsters play space, effort space and plenty of additional. Users will expertise the infrastructural style-indoor and outside design, Villas, Floors, cluster Housing, freelance plots.

Countries like India; over half of total population are of middleclass families. The peoples are continually curious about that property that has lower value per area unit or lower value of production. They are curious about those that deliver the most effective amenities and services at the lower value or worth regardless of the situation, facilities and plenty of additional. They largely care concerning the value of cash. People continually curious about worth for his or her cash, they have to urge all the facilities that they need paid off. Wave developers continually trust within the Quality Management to deliver the standard.

Wave Developers continually believe duties towards society, therefore as a result of that reasons they recently started Corporate Social responsibility (CSR), and they devote time, worth or create some contribution towards society welfare. Wave City with all amenities tried to deliver the most effective and generate additional and more client base for the residential services. They believe in delighting the customer with all their facilities and services. In order to begin the journey of life, this residential apartment is best mode to begin through it.

Allcheckdeals Pvt Ltd provides all kind of the services like residential and commercial services. So keeping this self-assured, they have come up with the details of Wave City at Ghaziabad

Bikaner IND – Junagarh Fort Ganga Mahal the main audience hall 01
main city
Image by Daniel Mennerich
Junagarh Fort is a fort in the city of Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. The fort was originally called Chintamani and was renamed Junagarh or "Old Fort" in the early 20th century when the ruling family moved to Lalgarh Palace outside the fort limits. It is one of the few major forts in Rajasthan which is not built on a hilltop. The modern city of Bikaner has developed around the fort.

The fort complex was built under the supervision of Karan Chand, the Prime Minister of Raja Rai Singh, the sixth ruler of Bikaner, who ruled from 1571 to 1611 AD. Construction of the walls and associated moat commenced in 1589 and was completed in 1594. It was built outside the original fort of the city, about 1.5 kilometres from the city centre. Some remnants of the old fort are preserved near the Lakshmi Narayan temple.

Historical records reveal that despite the repeated attacks by enemies to capture the fort, it was not taken, except for a lone one-day occupation by Kamran Mirza. Kamran was the second son of the Mughal Emperor Babur who attacked Bikaner in 1534, which was then ruled by Rao Jait Singh. In the battle, the Mughals were defeated by Rathors. Kamran then returned to Lahore.

The 5.28 hectares large fort precinct is studded with palaces, temples and pavilions. These buildings depict a composite culture, manifest in the mix of architectural styles.

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Copan HN – Hieroglyphic Stairway
main city
Image by Daniel Mennerich
The Main Group represents the core of the ancient city and covers an area of 600 by 300 meters. The main features are the Acropolis, which is a raised royal complex on the south side, and a group of smaller structures and linked plazas to the north, including the Hieroglyphic Stairway and the ballcourt. The Monument Plaza contains the greatest concentration of sculpted monuments at the site.

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