Free Town- Truly Amazing City of Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone is a very populous city situated in the western Africa. The country is very vast spread and holds some truly amazing cities within, one of them being the Freetown city. It is the capital city so you can well imagine the importance of the city and the biggest and hugest city not only in the matter of number of people living in the city increasing the population trends but also the size and vast area of the city is something that counts in the vitalities of the city. The city is sort of a central hub for industries of every kind. The economy is all centered on this capital city of Sierra Leone. The most important financial centers of Sierra Leone are situated in the Freetown city making it worth a lot more.

The culture is also a booming factor in the importance of the city. The culture is highly diverse and runs in the life blood of the city making the environment of the city more exciting and thrilling than ever. Man of the country’s most important financial centers and international companies are located in this city we are talking about. Education is also nothing short of in here. The two most important and main universities of Sierra Leone are located in this vast city making it more necessitated for the mental health development of the country. Fourah Bay College is literally the oldest ever institute in the history of western Africa making it more popular than ever. The main airport of this city is called by the name of Lungi and is located around the River on a port named as Loco district.

Many of the most important television stations and those of the radio are also located in this important city. The economy is based on the natural settings as well as the economic settings and the harbor of Free Town plays a really very important part in all of this.Sierra Leone has problem of illiteracy. Out two third of the adult population is illiterate. The schools and colleges are not enough for the population of Sierra Leone. Situation has improved after the end of civil war. Efforts are being made for the eradication of illiteracy and lack of education among masses. The education till primary level is free in some Government sponsored Public schools. Universities and teacher training colleges are being built. But still Sierra Leone has to go a long way to be at par with the education systems of developed countries.

Provision of drinking water is also a problem in Sierra Leone. The water supply problem is to be solved by building dams. A constant effort is required at national and district level for a free supply of running water in houses.
Sierra Leone is famous for its football passion. There are two famous football clubs in Sierra Leone. Football team has not been qualified for FIFA world cup yet. But it has been a part of many African and international football competitions.

Nuremberg: Oriel Window
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Found some Nuremburg city panoramas:

Nuremberg (German: Nürnberg is a city in the German state of Bavaria, in the administrative region of Middle Franconia. It is situated on the Pegnitz river and the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal and is Franconia’s largest city. It is located about 170 kilometres north of Munich, at 49.27° N 11.5° E. Population (as of 01/2006) is 500,132.

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