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Godrej E City is launches brand new creation in the world of residential apartments recognized with multi comfortable features with the interest of stylish and respected life style. The e city seamlessly integrates smart design, modern living and sustainability, masking the limitations between architecture and nature into one landscape element. The centrally located apartment offers all the perks of an active lifestyle. With world-class amenities and entertaining actions, you will have sufficient opportunity to know-how life to the fullest in full length and with pace of the fast changing world. Converting the thoughts and ideas into well knitted structure of mortar and bricks, the Godrej group of constructions is aiming high with the framework of sky hugging towers.
Godrej E City is located at Doddathogur, Near Crowne Plaza of Electronic City, Godrej E City is associated with the reputed school, colleges, hospitals and other major banks. The place is available from almost all parts of the metropolis within the time frame of few minutes. Allowing the accessibility of transport and other conveyance at the door steps of the location, the unit proffers its residents all kinds of comforts.
A beautiful tree-lined main avenue welcomes you, leading on to the 5 storey buildings spread over 15 acres of land area and enclosed by green open spaces covering 70% of the development. The 2/2.5/3 BHK flats offer the mix range of customers making it just right place for the compatible city dwellers. The open area is kept open for the pedestrian-friendly garden which is considerately designed to limit vehicular movement, so you can enjoy a carefree and bracing walk.
Coming to the interiors, these condos have charming walls with different exciting shades of color in each room matching with the composedness of the designs. The porticos, balconies have superb space to enjoy indoor games with your kids at any time. The kitchen which is referred as the heart of the family is skillfully oriented to store things in fashion with the modular facilities. The lush green belts have bordered these dwellings so that each and every step you will knowledge the shrub bed bearing floral and enjoyable look.
The garden amidst the tranquil view of the location is the main magnetism for the residents with the unbelievable view of Sunset. With the advantage of covered car parking and being surrounded by some of the top emerging buildings, this area is going to fetch good number of populations of city dwellers in the coming future. To safeguard and protect the human force living inside, well organised security and manual vigilance is arranged .One call door to door maintenance services are provided to make Godrej E City Bangalore, the most inhabitable and reputed one.
In the world where the tag name holds major importance, the Bajaj group of real estates have already achieved milestones and carving their niche in construction of robust pillars and multifold times strong walls. Thus live like royal families in this abode and reinvent your instincts by getting aspired from nature and its elements.

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Copan HN – Stela M and the Hieroglyphic Stairway 01
main city
Image by Daniel Mennerich
The Main Group represents the core of the ancient city and covers an area of 600 by 300 meters. The main features are the Acropolis, which is a raised royal complex on the south side, and a group of smaller structures and linked plazas to the north, including the Hieroglyphic Stairway and the ballcourt. The Monument Plaza contains the greatest concentration of sculpted monuments at the site.

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