Explore the city culture by taking a flight to Accra


Being a capital of Ghana, Accra is one of the most famous tourists place. It is the populous place where up to mark tourists facilities are available with respect to availability and quality. This city is full of energy and zeal having friendly people, enormous cultural activities, beautiful beaches, marvelous historical sites and amazing wildlife park. Kotaka International Airport is the international standard airport where a lot of Flights to Accra is coming throughout the day. It is the main hub which linked the America, Europe, and Middle East to Africa. From US, delta airlines took the weekly flights to Accra on four days. This airline was established in 2004 as a strategic alliance between the government and the private investors just in order to make the city established and developed.Virgin Atlantic Airways provide the cheap flights to Accra from London on three days a week. These are cheaper flights to Accra along with the top class facilities as compare to any other international flight. KLM also facilitates the daily Flight to Accra specifically from Amsterdam.

Numerous flights to Accra are coming from numerous European countries and if you are interested to take the flight to Accra from London, avail the facility of British Airways. It offers two days flight to Accra from London. Before having a flight to Accra from London you have to take the visitor’s visa which is valid for 3 months. From airport to hotel you can either take the taxi or the minibus service. These taxis may be ACCRE taxi cab or the metered taxis. They are somewhat expensive but have safe and sound to travel or take a round in the city. While the mini bus service is named as ‘Tro Tros’ which is ill disciplined and crowded vehicle service which had cause various accidents in the city. This is all due to the city congestion and poor infrastructure. But there is a problem with the taxis that they make the strangers fool and have not maps with them. While roaming around the city, if you can afford to hire a car SUV will be the best one option to adopt.

Various travel companies offer the best conditioned cars for hiring to tourists along with the guide or the maps and brochures. That’s why it is most recommendable option by the tourists. This will charge you for almost US $ 15 / day in Accra. This is available at various locations at Avis. Cars can be available on the short notices which give you a tour of the whole city ate various historical locations and famous places. But one issue is that road are very poor and jarring which is the main obstacle in the enjoyment while taking a tour of the city. While the best one option is to explore the city while roaming around on foot. This city is very safe to walk and secure to move around. Just have to care for the open sewers, and automobiles while walking the streets. By this tourists explore the city markets, culture, intercity atmosphere and numerous hidden places.

Berlin – Brandenburger Tor TiltShift
main city
Image by Daniel Mennerich
The Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) is a former city gate and one of the main symbols of Berlin and Germany. It is located west of the city center at the junction of Unter den Linden and Ebertstra├če, immediately west of the Pariser Platz. It is the only remaining gate of a series through which Berlin was once entered. One block to the north stands the Reichstag building. The gate is the monumental entry to "Unter den Linden", the renowned boulevard of linden trees which formerly led directly to the city palace of the Prussian monarchs. It was commissioned by King Frederick William II of Prussia as a sign of peace and built by Carl Gotthard Langhans from 1788 to 1791. Having suffered considerable damage in World War II, the Brandenburg Gate was fully restored from 2000 to 2002 by the Berlin Monument Conservation Foundation. Today, it is regarded as one of Europe’s most famous landmarks.

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