5 Must See Attractions in Ybor City Florida

There are many reasons to visit Ybor City, but some of the attractions honestly cannot be missed when making the trip to this historic neighborhood in the heart of Tampa, Florida. Whether you are looking for a night out on the town with some drinks and dancing or a glimpse into the rich culture of a beautiful city, Ybor City has something for everyone. If you want to make the most out of your trip to this area, here are 5 things that you simply cannot ignore.

1. Ybor City Museum – This museum is a great way to learn about the history of the city for a very low price (currently $ 4 per person). The museum’s main exhibit space is contained inside the former Ferlita Bakery, which is a historic building that is a perfect example of the architecture of the city. The outside of the museum is a beautiful park, where knowledgeable park rangers provide tours and information about the city’s past. There is also a self-guided walking tour for purchase or rent at the museum that is narrated by local historians and is a great way to see the city at your own pace and learn about the rich history.

2. Columbia Restaurant – One of the most beautiful and delicious destinations to take in. No trip to Ybor is complete without visiting this historic restaurant. Founded in 1905, the Columbia is the oldest continuously operated restaurant in Florida. Seating more than 1,500 people and taking up an entire city block, it is also one of the largest Spanish restaurants in the world. As the oldest Spanish restaurant in the United States, they serve some of the most authentic dishes anyone could hope to find. The Columbia also features flamenco dancing to entertain their diners and is a show that must be seen by anyone visiting.

3. Amphitheater Nightclub – If you are looking for a night of drinking and dancing, there are not many places that can compare to Amphitheater. With a sound system unlike any others, the amount of bass is sure to make sure you enjoy every beat that the DJ plays. The main dance floor is mostly made up of a very large rotating platform that is sure to have any patron enjoying themselves. The crowd skews in the 18-30 range and is not recommended if you are not a fan of pulsing electronic music.

4. Ybor City Saturday Market – If staying in Ybor City for any amount of time, this market is a great opportunity to get some local produce and enjoy a lovely Florida morning in the sun. This market satisfies locals and tourists alike with the farm-fresh produce, fresh baked breads, and local crafts. Not only will you enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, but be supporting the local economy of Tampa as well.

5. Guavaween Halloween Festival – If there is any event to plan your trip to Ybor City around, that event is Guavaween. This Latin-inspired Halloween celebration is one of the biggest parties you could ever hope to find. The events schedule for the morning and afternoon are family friendly, with many things to do with the little ones. The evening’s festivities are much more adult oriented, with live music and 100,000 people enjoying their favorite beverages while dressed in their creative costumes

Philip invites you to learn more about the wonderful Ybor City Florida which is famous for their festivals such as Ybor City Guavaween and more.

Bikaner IND – Junagarh Fort Ganga Mahal the main audience hall 02
main city
Image by Daniel Mennerich
Junagarh Fort is a fort in the city of Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. The fort was originally called Chintamani and was renamed Junagarh or "Old Fort" in the early 20th century when the ruling family moved to Lalgarh Palace outside the fort limits. It is one of the few major forts in Rajasthan which is not built on a hilltop. The modern city of Bikaner has developed around the fort.

The fort complex was built under the supervision of Karan Chand, the Prime Minister of Raja Rai Singh, the sixth ruler of Bikaner, who ruled from 1571 to 1611 AD. Construction of the walls and associated moat commenced in 1589 and was completed in 1594. It was built outside the original fort of the city, about 1.5 kilometres from the city centre. Some remnants of the old fort are preserved near the Lakshmi Narayan temple.

Historical records reveal that despite the repeated attacks by enemies to capture the fort, it was not taken, except for a lone one-day occupation by Kamran Mirza. Kamran was the second son of the Mughal Emperor Babur who attacked Bikaner in 1534, which was then ruled by Rao Jait Singh. In the battle, the Mughals were defeated by Rathors. Kamran then returned to Lahore.

The 5.28 hectares large fort precinct is studded with palaces, temples and pavilions. These buildings depict a composite culture, manifest in the mix of architectural styles.

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Jersey City, NJ – A City Rich With Attractions, Entertainment And Unbeatable Waterfront Views

Jersey City is a city rich with lifestyle variety, attractions, and entertainment. It is also a city with fascinating small ethnic neighborhoods, modern high rise condo towers, and attractions that include museums, a nationally recognized science learning center, and unbeatable, world class harbor views overlooking the New York City Skyline, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

Jersey City is also steep in history. Before the Civil War, the city was an important stop on the Underground Railroad that led to a secret trail of safe houses that helped runaway slaves escape from the southern plantations. Four main railroad routes converged in Jersey City, and thousands of slaves passed through here on their way to freedom.

In recent years, Jersey City has undergone major redevelopment. The city has benefited from being across the Hudson River from New York City and from the relocation of many major corporations; new residents followed to enjoy a less expensive life style than NYC. This development has seen a dramatic increase in new high rise housing, shopping areas, restaurants, and major attractions.

The redevelopment of Jersey City is best exemplified by its waterfront. Construction of tall office towers and apartment complexes have taken hold along the downtown district, while further south, Liberty State Park is also experiencing improvements with the preservation of its natural environment to preserve the wetlands and creation of recreational areas, and the restoration of the historic CRRNJ railroad terminal. There is no better view in the world than Jersey Citys view of the harbor, overseeing the New York City Skyline, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Jersey Citys Neighborhoods
The Grove Street area, with easy access from the PATH station, is the center of downtown activity with arts, restaurants, and nightlife.

Van Vorst Park is one of the citys nicest neighborhoods, with tree lined historic brownstone homes, and a convenient walk to the Grove Street Path station, cafes and restaurants.

Paulus Hook is a charming neighborhood of Brownstone Row Houses with an excellent view of New York City and is convenient to the ferries to and from Manhattan. It also has many restaurants, arts and shopping throughout the mostly residential district.

Jersey Citys financial waterfront, known as Exchange Place, is home to many large financial firms and tall office towers. 30 Hudson Street, at 781 ft and 42 floors, is the tallest building in New Jersey, and the tallest building in the United States which is not within its metro area’s largest city. However, like many financial centers its virtually deserted after 6 PM.

Journal Square is anchored by the Loews Jersey movie palace, which is also home to live music and art works. A short walk from Journal Square is Little India, where you can sniff the aroma of spices, and sample some of the excellent Indian restaurants.

Newport is a complex of residential rental towers, condos, restaurants, hotels, and the Newport Center Mall with on-site parking for more than 15,000 vehicles.

Jersey Citys Major Attractions

Liberty State Park
Created in 1976 for the U.S. Bicentennial, Liberty State Park is as large as New York’s Central Park but is far less developed. It is a prime waterfront location that draws 4 million visitors a year to experience the many world class park attractions.

With sweeping views of lower Manhattan, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and ferries to all of the above, it also has playgrounds, picnic areas, bike paths, jogging paths, estuary, gardens, a marina and a large, beautiful restaurant with an awesome view. The park is host to many festivals, concerts, and other cultural happenings, and offers a great view of the fireworks displays over the water on the Fourth of July.

The park is easy to access via car, bus or light rail.

In the parks northwest corner is The Liberty Science Center, a family science museum, located on Phillip Drive. The most visited museum in New Jersey, it has 3 floors of interactive exhibits that focus on invention, health, and the environment. Also located in the Liberty Science Center is the Kodak Omni Theater, with the largest sized IMAX dome screen in the world. The Liberty Science Center is undergoing expansion and construction and will re-open in July of 2007.

The Liberty walk promenade graces the eastern edge of Liberty State Park, and is a 1.3 mile stroll taking in the park office, the Statue of Liberty overlook, and the restored CRRNJ railroad terminal.

The Interpretive Center, an environmental and historical educational facility, is located on Freedom Way. The Center, which houses an exhibit area, auditorium, and classroom space, offers programs for both the general public and school groups. Adjacent to the Center lies a sixty-acre natural area that consists mostly of salt marsh, nature trails and observation points to complement this wildlife habitat.

Hop on a ferry near the CRRNJ railroad terminal and visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty
Located on Liberty Island, a 12 acre island, it is 2000 feet from Liberty State Park. While there have been many claims as to which state the Statue of Liberty (Liberty Island) is in, it is in closer proximity to New Jersey and the State of New Jersey in fact does retain the riparian rights to all the submerged land surrounding the statue. However it continues to be within the territorial jurisdiction of the State of New York. Picnicking may be enjoyed at the southern end of the park located near the Administration Building. Picnic tables are provided with magnificent views of the harbor and skyline.

Ellis Island
Since it opened in 1892, Ellis Island has been the nation’s premier federal immigration station until 1954 when it closed down. The immigration center processed over 12 million immigrant steamship passengers. After being greeted by the Statue of Liberty and processed at Ellis Island, the arriving immigrants purchased tickets and boarded trains at the nearby railroad terminal that took them to their new destinations throughout the United States

The main building was restored after 30 years of abandonment and opened as a museum on September 10, 1990. Today, over 40 percent of America’s population can trace their ancestry through Ellis Island.

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are free, but you need to buy a ferry ticket to make it to the both places. The ferry and tickets for the ride can be had on the waterfront in Liberty National Park.

Liberty National Golf Course
Liberty National Golf Course is the world’s most expensive golf course. Opened in 2006, it stretches along New York Harbor with awesome views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and the New York skyline.

Jersey City Museum
Located in the historic Jersey Citys Van Horst district, it contains a collection of more than 20,000 objects of regionally significant art and historical objects, and important 20th century acquisitions. The Collection includes over 300 paintings and works on paper by local illustrator and landscape painter August Will (1834-1910), as well as drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, maps, textiles, decorative arts and industrial objects.

Frank Dalotto is a freelance writer and travel consultant. His specialty is writing articles about New Jersey travel, including attractions, events, and restaurant reviews. He is the owner and editor of New Jersey Leisure Guide and a travel consultant for Leisure Travel Mart. He is a member of ASTA (American Association of Travel Agents) and CLIA (Cruise Line International Association).

Setting Sails In Berlin – Potsdamer Platz
main city
Image by Sprengben [why not get a friend]
If you press “L” the view is more spectacular!!

Last week I visited Berlin. 24 hours aren’t much time unless you are Jack Bauer the main character of 24. I came to visit my good old friends. If you read this, thanks for everything, it was a great time.

Of course I took come shots of the great architectural scene over there. The first is of a place called Sony Center. It has a roof which is made from parts that are supposed to look like sails.

As I really love sailing this planets oceans the roof was of course fascinating to me. If you ever go there be sure to bring a wide lens. The roof is really huge. You are not able to capture the whole thing with a 18mmm on a crop camera!

However… The locations also reminds me on all these movies where people sit in a spaceship shooting around with guns in front of these huge glass wall with the space in the background.

If you have ever seen a movie like this you might know what I am talking about

I wish a beautiful and creative week to all of you!


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Unbelievable feat. Hanson (Official Animated Video)
Song from the album Mobile Orchestra available for download here!

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Directed by Ryan Maloney

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Barelonas’ Main City Attractions

Barcelona is a city, located directly on the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain, has a rich history dating back at least 2,000 years. Now a trendy holiday spot it has everything to offer from fine cuisine, great shops and a lively culture. Now redeveloped (a project which started in 1992) the city has a good man-made beach, lots of palm tree lined boulevards and a chic port area.

*Visit Picasso’s Museum even if you only have a slight interest in art. It’s definitely one of the best art galleries in the city.

*Park Guell is a charming garden complex with architecture on display is perfect for a relaxed afternoon stroll.

* The famous La Sagrada Familia the massive catholic church still under construction from 1882! It’s still impressive although not finished.

*The fabulous Batllo House designed by Antoni Gaudi is an extraordinary sight, it seems like the designer wanted to avoid straight lines at all costs!

*It if worth a trip to the Camp Nou, Barcelona’s world famous stadium. There is an excellent tour which appeals to football fans and non football fans alike.

*If you have little ones try the Tibidabo Amusement Park, the IMAX cinema and the fabulous Magic Fountain of Montjuic.

* The world famous Las Ramblas is a must see. It’s a lively street which has an abundance of street performers and a great happy atmosphere.

*The Olympic port is the place to visit for a great selection of good bars, places to eat and even a casino. The beach is also located here.

Tips for getting around – The city is actually quite spread out but you can make good use of the public transport system which is both reasonably priced and reliable. Enjoy the city and stay as long as you like!

For more great tips on top holiday destinations visit www.globalgrasshopper.com which includes advice on the best places to visit in Thailand

DGJ_1178 – Ngo Mon Gate
main city
Image by archer10 (Dennis) 80M Views
PLEASE, no multi invitations (none is better) in your comments. Thanks.

This is the gate used to enter the main part of the Hue Imperial Citadel. Hue, Vietnam

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Activities And Attractions In Park City

Park City, Utah, is one of the best ski resort towns in the U.S. There is more to PC than just being a skiing town. However, this is one of the best places in the world for skiing and snowboarding. It is in good company comparing favorably to places like Quebec City, and Colorados Aspen and Telluride. The city has thoroughly and effectively transformed into a multifaceted resort town worthy of vacationing in during any of the four seasons.

Park City also is one of the countrys wealthiest cities. It is the annual host to the Sundance Film Festival. PC shares top billing for resort towns in Utah with Moab.

Best Hotels in Park City

There are three colossal resorts in Park City that fetch kudos from jetsetters worldwide: The Park City Mountain Resort, the Canyons Resort, and the Deer Valley Resort. The Park City Mountain Resort was a host of the 2002 Olympics. The resort ranked sixth in the Conde Nast Traveller Top 20 Readers Poll 2006 07. The recently added Silver Star Triple Chair provides even more access to the majestic mountains. The Canyons is set on 3,700 acres of Mother Natures finest work. There are eight peaks, 17 lifts, and 155 trails to explore.

This is an ideal place to have a very unique social or business event. Ski magazine rated the Deer Valley Resort the Top Ski Resort in North America for the third time. There is an array of excellent casual and fine dining restaurants as well as Deer Valleys exclusive Signature stores. Keep in mind that there are other luxury hotels in the city where visitors can and absorb the vibes of PC. The Hotel Park City and the Silver Queen Hotel are good picks too.

Best Restaurants in Park City

Shabu defines its menu as freestyle Asian cuisine. The freestyle stem from patrons participating in the preparation of their meals as the dish is being prepared at their table. In its brief history on Main Street, the lively eatery has become a mainstay of the community. Locals love the healthy entrees of 350 Main. Chef Michael LeClerc received the Platinum Carrot Award for healthy gourmet cuisine by the Aspen Center for Integral Health.

After dinner check out the neighboring Spur Bar & Grill, which provides live entertainment and signature libations. The all-American menu presented at the Prime Steakhouse & Piano Bar specializes in prime steak and swimmingly delicious seafood dishes. Most of the wines are rated 90 points or higher by such acclaimed sources as Wine Enthusiasts Wine Spectator, and the highly acclaimed Robert Parker.

To Do in Park City

Main Street is where PCs cultural, dining, and entertainment venues are found. The majority of the streets buildings have been restored to circa 1884. The Main Street Business Alliance works year round to preserve the history of this charming town. Take a tour of Winter Sports Park and see Olympic-level athletes in training. There also are some relatively extreme activities for the do-it-yourself adrenaline seekers. Go on an 80-mph bobsled ride with an experienced driver and experience the thrill of the feat; or experience a very lifelike simulation of freestyle ski jumping off a plastic slope in to a swimming pool.

Would not you like to fly in a beautiful balloon? If so, Park City Balloon Adventures can take you up, up and away! One hour flights are available at around $ 200 per person. Shuttles are available to departure sites from most of the major resorts and hotels. Catch a show at the Eccles Center. Park Citys major entertainment center features shows by mainline performers as well as productions by the Park City Performing Arts Foundation. Come during the summer and play a few rounds of golf at the challenging 18 hole course of the Park City Golf Club. The William Neff signature course is open to the public. Keeping it all in the family, the 18th hole was redone by William Neff Jr.

Plan a trip in mid January and check out the annual Sundance Film Festival. The festival has numerous outlets where pedestrians can plug themselves into the enigmatic culture of the film industry.

Find more information in the Park City Luxury Guide by visiting our website.

Antwerpen BE – Antwerpen-Centraal – Anvers-Central 07
main city
Image by Daniel Mennerich

Antwerpen-Centraal (Antwerp Central) is the name of the main railway station in the Belgian city of Antwerp. The station is operated by the national railway company NMBS.

The original station building was constructed between 1895 and 1905 as a replacement for the original terminus of the Brussels-Mechelen-Antwerp Railway. The stone clad terminus buildings, with a vast dome above the waiting room hall were designed by Louis Delacenserie and the vast (185 metres long and 44 metres high) iron and glass trainshed by Clement van Bogaert. The viaduct into the station is also a notable structure designed by local architect Jan Van Asperen.

The station is now widely regarded as the finest example of railway architecture in Belgium, although the extraordinary eclecticism of the influences on Delacenserie’s design had led to a difficulty in assigning it to a particular architectural style. In W. G. Sebald’s novel Austerlitz an ability to appreciate the full range of the styles that might have influenced Delacensiere is used to demonstrate the brilliance of the fictional architectural historian who is the novel’s protagonist.

In 2009 the American magazine Newsweek judged Antwerpen-Centraal the world’s fourth greatest train station.