Park City’s Best Restaurants By Food Style

Park City Utah has a wide assortment of dining options to fulfill your cravings. Whether you’re hoping for European or Mexican food; breakfast or dinner, you’ll find something to suit your mood. Within this article is a short list of a few of the restaurants you can find during your trip to Park City.

Quite a few Mexican dining options are located throughout the Park City area. Nacho Mama’s is a favorite local restaurant located in Prospector Square, with delicious fish tacos and burritos. If you’re near the resort center, try Baja Cantina, beside The Lowell condos at PCMR. Staying out by Kimball Junction? You don’t want to miss Loco Lizard Cantina, a family restaurant with great service and plenty of free house-made chips and salsa.

If the only thing that will satiate your appetite after an active day in the mountains is Asian cuisine, there are quite a few nice places to select from. Wahso restaurant, one of Bill White’s celebrated Park City restaurants, features a well crafted menu with an Asian flare. Shabu is another great option; try the sushi bar or select from Asian inspired cuisine off the dining menu. Although The Last Samurai is a little outside of the middle of town, it is well worth the short drive to enjoy the table-side chef prepared restaurant environment.

Italian dishes are a staple of any good vacation, and Park City has a number of dining establishments featuring delicious Italian fare. Try Ghidotti’s restaurant for a family-friendly dining option at a reasonable price. If you’re near Main Street, arrange reservations at Grappa, must try fine dining restaurant at the top of historic Main Street. Or, walk over to Cisero’s, a italian restaurant and dance-club offering up delicious entrees and plenty of after hours fun.

Park City, UT also has a wide array of pizza joints to satisfy the Friday (or Thursday, or Wednesday) night pizza craving. Grab a pie from Davanza’s or Red Banjo, both great pizza restaurants found on Main Street in downtown Park City. Maxwell’s Fat Kid Pizza is another great option, dishing up east-coast style pizza pies out at the junction. These 3 dining options deliver right to your vacation condo, rental home, or hotel upon request.

Park City also has a good assortment of sushi restaurants perfect for the family seeking a healthy alternative to a huge 3-course meal. Begin at the Blind Dog sushi bar, an awesome restaurant making a great number of nigiri, sushi rolls, and sashimi. Some other great sushi bars include the Flying Sumo & Yuki Arashi, both located near the lower end of Park City’s Main Street.

Always remember, travel is a perfect time to create memories and explore places you may never see again. Pick one of the establishments described above, and rest easy that your dining experience will be unforgettable!

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Park City Utah’s Most Interesting Restaurants – From Vietnamese To American

Park City Utah has quite a few dining options to satisfy your cravings. No matter whether you’re searching for French or Mexican food; brunch or dinner, you’ll have something to suit your mood. Listed next is a sampling of some of the restaurants you could try during your vacation in Park City.

If your friends and family are in the mood for Mexican, there are several delicious restaurants to pick from. Baja Cantina, located near the the base of PCMR, has a great menu and tasty margaritas for the adults. Another popular option is Nacho Mama’s restaurant, which serves up delicious tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, and soups. If you’re looking for something out by Kimball Junction, try Loco Lizard, located beside Szechwan Chinese Restaurant by the I-80 interchange.

If Asian cuisine is what your group is searching for, think about one of these Park City restaurants. The Last Samurai, out by Kimball Junction, offers Asian-style cuisine similar to hibachi restaurants, and has shorter wait times than many of the in town restaurants. Or, try out Wahso or Shabu, two fine dining restaurants with excellent attention to service and fabulous dining experiences.

Italian food is a staple of any great ski trip, and Park City is home to several restaurants providing authentic Italian cuisine. Try Ghidotti’s restaurant for a family-friendly dining experience at a reasonable price. If on Main Street, arrange reservations at Grappa, award winning restaurant at the top of historic Main Street. Or, cruise over to Cisero’s, a italian restaurant and dance-club famous for delicious food and plenty of after hours entertainment.

Park City, Utah has a number of pizza restaurants to satisfy the Friday (or Thursday, or Wednesday) night pizza hankering. Grab a pie from Main Street Pizza & Noodle or Red Banjo, both awesome pizza parlours found on historic Main St. in Park City. Maxwell’s is also a nice selection, serving up New York style pizza pies out at the junction. These 3 establishments deliver straight to your lodge, hotel, or vacation rental upon request.

A lighter dinner option of sushi is a great way to finish an eventful day in Park City. Consider the Flying Sumo or Yuki Arashi, both located on Main Street in downtown Park City. Both restaurants offer fresh sushi, sashimi, and tapas for tastes of all kinds. A little off the beaten path, Blind Dog sushi bar is another fantastic pick; in fact, the sushi and fried rolls have been recognized nationally as some of the best in the West.

With the number of interesting restaurant locations to pick from, it can be difficult to choose where to begin. Regardless of where you begin, you are guaranteed to find something to satisfy the appetites of your whole family during your Park City ski vacation.

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